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My thoughts do not mean anything.

Thoughts cannot mean anything when they are not in tune with reality. What is real is to know your purpose by understanding that thoughts of past regrets or misgivings do nothing for they are meaningless. They are neither good nor bad. They just remain hitherto. They do not resonate with truth for they are not in sync with right-mindedness. All thoughts make up a world you see as real, but in truth it has no reality, although this is not easily understood. “New” past thoughts just add more nothingness to the collection, for they mean nothing and remain without purpose. To be presently focused is to return to miracle-mindedness which leads the way to the best possible outcome. In this realm of greater wisdom, everything unfolds differently. The present restores peace and lifts you to higher levels of self-awareness. Leave your past behind, for it serves to hinder your progress. The past is past, and it can never be returned to the present. Past events just shackle the mind, impeding it from greater pursuits which can only be found in the present.

Love, Jesus

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